Monday 2 August 2010

Until September

“When does the decline of a civilization start? When the people that compose it do not wish to be anymore the victims of any ideals, convictions and, in the end, of collective life itself. […] There is nothing more dangerous than the individual´s wish not to be cheated. Each citizen becomes a small exception, the sum of which constitutes the historical deficit of the nation.”

I read these words - which I hope to have translated well - by writer and philosopher
Emil Cioran last week, in my greek newspaper. I have thought a lot about them as holidays in my native country are approaching. Greece is going through an economic crisis that is nothing more than the result of another crisis, bigger and more dangerous, the one described by Cioran.

I am going to meet 'my' Greece, the one that knows so well how to enchant us and how to hurt us. I´ll try to update my readings and I´ll come back for a new season. Until then, I would like to suggest The Ecomonist´s new blog on books, arts and culture:

Until September.

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