Monday, 4 April 2011

Why things aren´t happening?

Despite the pile of books, articles, magazines and reports on my desk, this week I didn´t read anything. It was a long pause. But I thought about many things. I particularly thought about why things arent´happening. They aren´t happening as we enunciate them, they aren´t happening as we plan them, they aren´t happening as we want them to happen, as they should happen, as it would be right for them to happen.

In these last days I heard speeches, I attended presentations, I talked to friends, colleagues, acquaintances. It seems that when we talk we say the right things, we believe in them with conviction, it seems we are one step away from making them happen.

But they aren´t happening. The distance between thinking/talking and doing seems to be enormous. Why? Are we better at talking rather than doing? Do we only say them, exhaustingly repeat them, because they sound nice, because they are the right things to say, but we are not capable of moving from theory to practice? Or is it that we don´t have a real interest that they do actually happen? That we are not sufficiently committed? That we don´t know how to plan, establish priorities, move forward one step at a time? But… move forward.

Ideias and practices of some years are presented as if they were a novelty, the last discovery. They are not. They have been a reality for many years now in other countries and other areas. Why do we take so long to accept them and put them into practice? Resistance to the new? Different rhythmes? Different conditions? Or simply conformism?

Something is missing, that´s for sure. Knowledge, capacity, determination, professionalism, organization, planning, sincerity? Or simply a vision?

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