Monday, 29 July 2013

Kennedy Center: the end of the adventure

Photo: Ihor Poshyvailo
I don´t think I would be exagerating if I said that the Fellowship at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was the most significant professional experience I had in the last years.

It opened up new worlds for me, it showed me new ways and different realities, it helped me breath, get inspired, think.

Thanks to the Kennedy Center and DeVos Institute staff,  thoughts, ideas, doubts, convictions and practices got organised and started making sense, turning me, I believe, into a better, more knowledgeable and capable, professional.

Further more, thanks to the great opportunity of meeting and working with arts managers from all over the world, intelligent and inspiring people, my knowledge got deeper and so much more diverse.

And there´s more: being among all these very special, dedicated and determined people, I was reminded that, if we allow others to make less of us, we´re not the best we can be, we´re not doing the best we can do; they helped me overcome the fear and do what I had to do.

My profound thanks to the Kennedy Center / DeVos Institute staff and to all Fellows: for everything I learned with and from you and which will stay with me, forever.

My equally profound thanks to Rui Catarino, Cecília Folgado and Rui Belo: I wouldn´t have done this without you.

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